Sunday Mornings | 9:50 a.m.

No matter where we are on our journey of faith, the conviction that we all need to continue growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ undergirds our discipleship classes at Naperville Presbyterian Church. For a plant to stop growing is a sign of unhealthiness. So too for us as Christians. Let's never stop growing!

We offer discipleship classes for all ages, to help us grow and flourish in our faith through the life-giving truths of the gospel.

The Ascension and Session of Jesus: Where Did Jesus Go and What Is He Doing There?

Description: We believe that Jesus is alive right now, but we also believe that he is not here on earth with us. So, it is important to ask this question: where did he go, and what is he doing now? To answer this question, we will examine biblical texts that speak of Jesus' ascension and current work. In the end, learning more about where Jesus is and what he is doing will enable us to be more faithful and confident believers right now. 
Taught by: Dr. Stephen Wunrow
Location: Room 040

Confessing Our Faith with Heart and Mind: A Study of the Westminster Confession of Faith

Description: What we believe shapes how we live. Look no further than diets, weather forecasts, or Google maps. If we believe them, we eat, dress, and navigate accordingly. So too with our faith. What we truly believe (and don't simply give lip service to), inescapably affects how we live. In this class, we'll examine what we believe by working through our church's theological standard, the Westminster Confession of Faith. Join us as we seek with heart and mind to understand and live the faith we confess.  
Taught by: Pastor Davy
Location: Room 042


Description: John Calvin calls prayer the chief exercise of faith by which we receive God's benefits. Join us as we look to God in faith together through prayer, trusting him to do what we can't, with Scripture guiding us along the way.
Facilitated by: Art Wittmann
Location: Room 046, 10 a.m.

Youth Classes

Classes for children, birth through grade 5, meet in the children's wing. Children must be checked in at the kiosk in the lobby. Middle school and high school students do not need to be checked in before classes.

Mustard Seeds (children born after August 31, 2019) | Room D
Saplings (children ages 4 or 5 before September 1, 2023) | Room A
Mighty Oaks (children ages 6 or 7 before September 1, 2023) | Room G
Sequoias (children ages 8 or up before September 1, 2023) | Room H

Middle School | Room 081
High School | Room 032 (adult wing)