Job postings and Internships


Working in response to God's calling, alongside brothers and sisters in Christ. The following job opportunities are available. For information and to apply, contact hr@npchurch.org.

College Ministry Intern

https://cpmfiles1.com/npchurch.org%2F Presbyterian Church is a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church. In 2020 and 2021 college students began showing up for corporate worship. We have been overwhelmed with joy at their presence and long to steward their hearts as they work through their crucial college years. We want NPC to be a place where any local college student can have a church home that is theirs—where they are fed, discipled, loved, and where they grow in Christ, helping them walk through college knowing that Jesus Christ loves them and has his arm around them. 

This role exists to disciple NPC college students into rejoicing in Jesus, the real Jesus, the Jesus who is irresistible. Crucial to this person’s character and qualifications is a sincere desire to see the gospel of grace foster a community of college students embodying that grace in their relationships with one another and fellow members of the whole church. A man or woman in this role will have a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus as well as skills in relationship building and administrative details. They must also have a joyful “growth mindset” that readily receives mentoring and feedback from the pastors on staff to help him/her keep maturing as a humble servant of Christ. Click here to view the job description for this role.