Biblical Theology Workshop for Women with Nancy Guthrie

February 9, 2024 to February 10, 2024

7:00pm – 12:30pm


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No matter how much you already know or don’t know about the Bible, if you’re a woman who wants to know your Bible better, this workshop is for you!

Do you ever read the Bible and have a sense that there is a deeper meaning or significance to what you are reading that you can’t quite figure out? Or do you sometimes wonder why some people have been able to draw things out of a passage in the Bible that you didn’t see until they pointed it out? Our aim will be to increase our Bible skills so that rather than being bored by, or intimidated by the Bible, we’ll become more intrigued by it, moved by it, more confident that we’re grasping what it is communicating to us.

Over three sessions, we’ll review the key events of the Bible’s story and the major sections of the Bible, with attention to telling the story of the Bible through the lens of one of its important themes. We’ll work together on tracing a few themes through the various sections of the Bible. Then we’ll look at the opening of each of the Gospels and discover how a growing understanding of major biblical themes adds to our understanding when we see those themes arise in specific passages of the Bible. The three sessions, held on a Friday night and Saturday morning, will be energetic, interactive, and fun.

Registration Information

While we are the hosts, the workshop is being advertised nationally, and women from around the country will be joining us. Please register early to guarantee your attendance as these workshops tend to sell out.

  • Standard registration (up through February 2, 2024): $33
  • Last minute registration (after February 2, 2024): $43

Please note: Because the base ticket price for the workshop is so low, there’s no discounted group rate. Also, since we anticipate the workshop will sell out and don’t want groups holding tickets they may not use, Nancy asks that all purchased tickets include the individual names of those who will use them. Rather than buying a block of tickets under one name and then promoting it to women in your group, she respectfully requests that you promote it now and get commitments from women, then purchase tickets for those specific women.