Loving as Christ Loved

Jesus Christ came into the world to love the world (John 3:16). We want, in turn, to embody the love of Christ to the community around us. We do that in a variety of practical ways.

Ministry Partnerships

Our deacons have established partnerships with various Christian organizations through which church members can give their time and resources to serve the community at large. Contact the deacons to learn more.

Ongoing Local Efforts


Caring Network is a non-profit Christian organization with the mission of serving Jesus Christ by working to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and by providing emotional support, spiritual counsel, and practical help to anyone dealing with the effects of an unplanned pregnancy. NPC serves as a diaper distribution location twice a month.

In addition to serving dates, diapers and wipes are collected at NPC and may be dropped off at any time the church is open. The collection box is located in the lobby. Direct online deliveries are also accepted.


On a global scale, 70 million people have left their homeland because of various combinations of political upheaval, war, disease, famine, lack of jobs, or persecution. For international residents living near NPC, strengthened skills in conversational English open a world of opportunities.

By volunteering with our ESL ministry, we have the opportunity to enter into relationships with the international residents in our community, caring for them with the love of Christ, and sharing with them the gospel of Christ. Volunteer opportunities include conversation partners, teachers, assistants, and more. Our ESL team is looking for volunteers who love Jesus and speak English to serve on Tuesday nights. Click here to inquire.